Quality Care Homes Ltd.
Every care and comfort in a homely atmosphere


“I don't do anything I don't want to do."

"Oh yes, I am happy here, they treat me very well and do everything I need."

"I feel safe here, especially at night.”

Re: residents meetings: "it gives us a chance to talk about anything we want.”

Comments from residents :

"I always get the help I need. I ring the bell and staff always come quickly."

“The staff, are not trying to do everything for me, I like to be as independent as possible.”

"It has a nice atmosphere here, it has improved over the last year", "the staff are so kind".

"I am definitely treated with respect”.

Comments from visitors :

“They (the staff) really take care in looking after people".

"The staff are always respectful, they are lovely".

"It is fantastic to see how well my relative is since they moved in. They are so happy and content; we cannot speak highly enough of all the wonderful staff."

Comments from the Care Quality Commision :

“Throughout the day we saw that visitors came and went and appeared to be comfortable in the home.”

“We observed staff supporting and assisting people. They did so in a kind and respectful way.”

“People told us that staff always asked permission before delivering any care. They told us, "The help was there when I needed it.”

“People were positive about living at the home and complimentary about the staff.”